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2021 The Sewing & Stitcher’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Are you searching for the perfect gift for the sewist in your life? Our gift guide will help streamline your search for a WonderFil way to treat them to something special and unique. Whether you’re looking for something different they haven’t tried before or maybe something that will make their sewing room run smoother, we have fresh ideas to bring a smile to any sewer!

Gifts For The Quilter

  1. GlaMore™ 12wt Rayon & Metallic Limited Edition 2021 Holiday Packs

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These irresistible 12wt rayon and metallic 12wt threads are ideal for anything from embellishment to embroidery to thread painting, anywhere you want a decorative look in your stitching.

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This year we’ve created 4 totally new and unique limited edition GlaMore™ colours: Snowflake, Winter Wonderland, Christmas Tree, and Candy Cane. Each colourway pack includes 2 of the limited-edition colours. These threads are available in a limited quantity, so get yours before they’re gone!

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Included inside every GlaMore™ 2021 holiday pack is a FREE reindeer mug rug pattern! You’ll receive detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make this cute project yourself!

Shop the 2021 limited edition holiday GlaMore™ pack

2. Konfetti™ 50wt Double Gassed Ultra-Low Lint Egyptian Cotton Packs

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Sure, there’s cotton thread, and then there’s premium double gassed long staple Egyptian cotton thread. When you want to treat a sewing machine right, give them the gift of a thread that’s truly a step above the average. This colourfast cotton has been double gassed, a process where the thread passes between a flame that eliminates 80% of the lint from its surface. This process is repeated a second time, ensuring Konfetti™ cotton thread is one of the lowest lint cotton threads in the quilting market. This greatly reduces lint build up in the machine and gives your quilting stitches a clean and polished look.

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Choose from a variety of gorgeous colourways, including a few specialty sets by Laundry Basket Quilts.

Shop the Konfetti™ cotton thread packs:

3. Violet Craft 80wt DecoBob™ Cottonized Polyester Pack

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Every quilt needs to be pieced together before it can be quilted, but the choice of piecing thread can really make a big difference in how the quilt top turns out. For the very best results, choose this basic pack of DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester to match any fabric. This ideal piecing thread is super fine, allowing seams to lay flatter and making it easier to match up quilt blocks and patterns. Don’t let its size fool you. DecoBob™ is incredibly strong for its size and can easily hold together quilt seams with ease.

Shop the Violet Craft DecoBob™ thread pack:

Gifts For The Hand Embroiderer

  1. Eleganza™ #8 Perle Cotton Packs

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This incredibly popular fan-favourite is available in beautiful packs of 12 perle cotton balls, or for a limited time only, as this giftable 9 ball pack in 3 holiday colourways. Eleganza™ is a double gassed low lint thread is a luxurious choice for any hand embroidery project as it glides through all types of fabrics and fibres. The thread’s tight twist ensures it won’t unravel while you’re stitching.

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The 2021 holiday pack includes a link to 3 FREE downloadable wool-cut ornaments that can be stitched with the threads included in the box. They’re the perfect handmade craft to do with your family, or make something special to hang on the Christmas tree this year!

Shop the limited edition 2021 Holiday Eleganza™ packs

Shop the WonderFil® Eleganza™ thread pack:

Shop the Alison Glass Eleganza™ thread pack:

2. Merry Making 8wt Dazzle™ Rayon & Metallic Packs

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Want to gift something extra special? These limited edition 2021 holiday packs are filled with 5 spools of Dazzle™, an 8wt rayon and metallic thread that sparkles in the light. This beautiful thread stands out in a way no other thread does for stitching that is truly magical. Choose from 2 colourways: Holiday Wreath or Winter Magic. The thread is designed to resist unravelling, making it easy to use in any hand embroidery application, even for beginner stitchers, and can also be used for couching and even in the loopers of your serger machine. It’s the perfect choice for adding texture and sparkle.

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Also included in each pack are downloadable instructions to create your Cheerful Elf Stocking! The free pattern includes instructions on how to use the included Dazzle™ threads included in your pack to decorate your stocking using couching, bobbinwork, and even serger techniques.

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Shop Dazzle™ 2021 limited edition holiday packs

Gifts For The Machine Embroiderer

  1. Theme, Harmony, & Seasons 40wt Rayon Thread Packs

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These perfect little collections of 10 mini spools come in a huge selection of colour themes, holidays, and seasonal varieties to match basically any project or time of year. Each spool is wound with 40wt Splendor™, a soft and shiny rayon thread that is the perfect choice for machine embroidery, decorative stitching, and thread painting. Seasons packs in particular have some spools substituted with 40wt Spotlite™, a 40wt rayon core metallic with a beautiful reflective shimmer.

Shop the Theme, Harmony, & Seasons packs from WonderFil®

2. The Thread Tamer Sewing Accessory

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The Thread Tamer is a must-have sewing accessory for any sewer, but it especially makes a big difference for machine embroidery. This specialized tool has several unique features that can’t be found on the same device anywhere else. If you’re using a slippery thread or one with a stronger memory, such as a metallic thread that tends to curl more, the detachable extender allows the user to weave the thread through the slots. This helps to tame the thread and pull out any curls before the thread enters the machine, helping to give you a trouble-free sewing experience. This is handy to give your machine a smooth, easy thread feed during high speed machine embroidery or embroidery with more finnicky threads.

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For smaller mini spools that need to be drawn from the side rather than from the top, the Thread Tamer also has a built-in side drawing peg in the middle. You’ll also have 3 pegs and 3 couching slots at the base of the tamer so your threads won’t be rolling across your sewing room when you’re doing couching. How’s that for a thread stand that can do it all?

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Shop the Thread Tamer

3. Christmas Cheer 40wt Rayon Core Metallic Thread Pack

For those who just love the surprise of opening a gift, these mystery blind boxes are here to deliver. The perfect combination of threads to do a variety of projects, such as piecing a quilt, doing some machine embroidery, or making your project pop with some decorative stitches. You won’t know which coordinated colour combination you’ll get until you open it up!

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Inside, you’ll get 2 free machine embroidery patterns to make a freestanding lace project using the threads in your pack: a beautiful candle holder and an ornament ball. Digitized specially for the threads included, it’s the perfect way to show off your thread and create something to bring the festivities home.

Shop the 2021 limited edition Mystery Blind Box pack

Gifts For The Appliqué-er & EPP-er

  1. The Bobbinator™ Sewing Accessory

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Need a gift for someone that already has it all? The Bobbinator™ is a patent pending sewing device with totally unique functions available nowhere else. Place a wound bobbin in the upper compartment and pull the strand through the hole for a smooth, organized way to draw your thread for hand appliqué and English paper piecing on the go. With a storage compartment that can hold 3 additional bobbins (for a total of 4 bobbins), you can take a few colours with you to stitch in the car, on the plane, at the guild meeting, at the soccer game, or even at the doctor’s office. With this small device, you don’t need to lug all your larger spools with you.

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The Bobbinator™ device comes with 10 bobbins pre-wound with DecoBob™ 80wt thread, the ideal thread for doing hidden appliqué stitches by hand or machine, as well as English paper piecing, because the thread is both incredibly fine but strong. The Bobbinator™ can also be used on the machine so you can use your bobbin as a top thread! Simply place the device on your horizontal spool pin and you can sew with it for any small to medium sized projects.

Shop the Bobbinator™

2. InvisaFil™ 100wt Cottonized Polyester Mini Packs

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These little thread packs include the perfect assortment of 6 colours to pair with a project. Wound with InvisaFil™, a 100wt cottonized polyester thread, this tiny but surprisingly strong thread basically disappears into the fabric, making it the ideal choice for any hand appliqué or English paper piecing project. Stitches won’t show, even when using a basic colour, and EPP pieces will sit flatter and tighter together. Choose from 10 different colourways from the WonderFil® colour collection or 2 colourways from the Laundry Basket Quilts collections. Each mini spool actually has 400m (437yd) on it, so they’ll sew for a good long time!

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Shop InvisaFil™ mini packs

Gifts For The Garment & Craft Sewist

  1. Designer™ 40wt Sewing & Serging Packs

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Got a friend who loves to sew their own clothes? The Designer™ thread sewing pack gives you 8 colours to get you started on your next sewing project. This premium 40wt polyester thread is designed specifically for garment construction and professional dress making, as well as other all-purpose sewing needs. It delivers a maximum seam strength of 50lbs per inch, making it a reliable choice for constructing garments. Choose from 8 different colourways to match any project!

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Or take a gander at the Designer™ thread serger/overlocker pack. This collection of 5 spools is perfect for assembling all the threads you’ll need for any serger project. Included are 5 spools of matching colours to use on the upper loopers, lower loopers, and needle for a 5 thread overlock stitch.

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Shop Designer™ Sewing packs:

Shop Designer™ Serging/Overlocker packs:

2. Aster & Anne Pre-Cut Felt Kits

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Are you shopping for someone who just loves to accessorize? These Aster & Anne kits come with pre-cut felt patterns that are all ready to embellish and sew. Made from high quality grey felt, they include all the zippers, studs, clasps, and buckles needed to put them together. Choose from a variety of bags, backpacks, wallets, and even a cushion cover or book/project cover for an easy, ready-to-assemble gift option that takes the pressure off of starting from scratch!

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All kits come blank so they can be decorated with whatever appliqué, hand embroidery, crochet, ribbons, and embellishments they like to suit their personal style!

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Shop Aster & Anne pre-cut felt kits:

3. SoftLoc™ Tex 35 Wooly Poly Serger Thread

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For a serger/overlocker thread that can do it all, SoftLoc™ is a supple wooly poly thread for use in the upper and lower loopers on knitted and woven materials, as well as light to medium stretch materials. Not only is it a durable choice, it also offers excellent coverage for rolled hems. Used to just finding this type of thread only available in black, white, and other basic colours? SoftLoc™ comes in an incredible 60 different shades to pair with any project. It’s also colourfast and safe to iron so you’ll never need to worry about the colours running all over your new project, or keeping it away from the hot iron. Your friends will be delighted to have a serger thread so easy to use!

Shop SoftLoc™ wooly poly thread:

We hope we could help inspire you to find the perfect gift this year for that special someone in your life!

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