Build your own Eleganza™ personal collection

The best things come in small packages! This adorable box holds 9 balls of #8 Eleganza™ perle cotton thread. Choose your own colors from our online store and build your own collection for you, or for a special friend.

Get started building your own Eleganza™ personal collection:

  • We recommend taking a look at the Eleganza™ color chart to view all the colors available in one easy place.
  • Once you know which 9 colors you want in your personal collection, select your colors from each of the dropdown menus below. For example, select your first color in 1. Eleganza 1, your second color under 2. Eleganza 2, etc.
  • The price at the bottom of the page (under the dropdown menus) will change depending on how many solid colors and how many variegated colors you include. The price will range from $33.40 for all solids to $48.70 for all variegates, and anything in between for a mix of both!
  • The box is $1.00 and is automatically included in the price shown at the bottom.
  • When your colors are all selected, click “Add to cart”. You can build as many boxes as you like!