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Hologram™ - Slitted Polyester Thread

A flat polyester slitted thread with a glittering holographic quality, Hologram is what you want to use when you want the thread to be the star! This highly reflective thread glimmers from every angle, making it an eye-catching choice for decorative stitches, art quilts, and all types of embroidery.

Material: Slitted Polyester
Sizes: 300m (328yd)
Usages: Embroidery, decorative quilting, built-in decorative stitches, thread painting, 3D embellishment effects.

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  • HC8151 – Silver

  • HC8152 – Purple

  • HC8153 – Pink

  • HC8154 – Red

  • HC8155 – Gold

  • HC8156 – Green

  • HC8157 – Blue

  • HC8158 – Black



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