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Ahrora™ - 40wt Glow in the Dark Polyester Thread

This fun polyester glow-in-the-dark thread line is designed to light up the nights! Ahrora™ can be used on anything from art quilts to costumes to embroidery, and is a fantastic way to add another dimension to any sewing project. Just switch off the lights to see your stitching light up! Leave it in the sun or under a bright light to recharge for a stronger glow.

Material: Glow in the Dark Polyester
Weight: 40wt
Sizes: 183m (200yd)
Usages: Machine embroidery, decorative stitching, art quilts, cosplay costumes, crafts.

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  • AR01 – White

  • AR02 – Cream

  • AR03 – Pastel Yellow

  • AR04 – Lemon Lime

  • AR05 – Saffron

  • AR06 – Impatiens Pink

  • AR07 – Aqua Sea

  • AR08 – Star Sapphire



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