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What is Double Gassed Thread?

You'll hear us use the term "double gassed" a lot, let's talk about what this means for our specialty thread lines!

So you’re on the search for the perfect thread for your next project, You want something that will look, feel and preform perfectly, but where do you start? Double gassed threads offer a luxuriously smooth and beautiful finish because of it’s low lint qualities, let’s talk about why, how it’s done, and why it’s a great idea to start using double gassed cotton threads today!

You can get the brief scoop if you’re in a pinch by watching our YouTube video:

What does it mean to double gas threads? Well, here at WonderFil it’s how we get our threads to be so smooth and low on lint! The process of double gassing is actually quite simple. We start with the threads as they are, a little bit wild! Cotton threads especially will have a visible halo of lint around the thread. If you hold a low quality cotton thread up to the light, you might see small fibers sticking out of the thread, and lots of them resembling a case of really bad bed head! Double gassing is the process that gets rid of this, but how you ask?


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Double gassing is the process of burning off the lint! The first pass will burn off 80% of the surface lint, resulting in an already much cleaner, much lower lint look. We send our threads through for a second run, burning off an additional 80% of the remaining thread. This gives the thread amazing low lint qualities, a smooth surface, and an excellent stitch quality!


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So you might be wondering now why you should reach for a double gassed thread. Aside from a beautiful finish with no linty halo, and a professional looking result on all of your projects it also helps keep your sewing machine in good health.

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We’ve all had to clean lint out of our machines at some point, and it can be quite difficult to get into the tiny nooks and cranny’s. When you have a double gassed thread, the lint is just that, lint! Some companies use sprays, glues and lots of other sticky substances to glue the lint down to the thread. Now imagine trying to clean out your sewing machine when the lint is sticking to the inside of your machine due to the sticky adhesives and residues, Yikes!

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Now that you’ve learned all about what double gassed threads are, let’s talk about which WonderFil threads have undergone this process! You’ll find most all of our Egyptian cotton threads have gone through double gassing, which is lovely if cotton threads is your go to!


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Spagetti™ is a 12wt 100% Egyptain cotton thread that’s been double gassed and mercerized, giving it a beautiful finish! Spagetti™ is available in 60 saturated solid colours.

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Fruitti™ is also a 12wt 100% Egyptian cotton thread that’s been double gassed and mercerized and is available in 41 beautiful variegated colours.

Spagetti™ and Fruitti™ are the perfect threads for projects like hand and machine quilting and embroidery, sergers, sashiko, red work, needlework, upholstery, leather work, decorative stitching, handwork, and crafts.

You can find Spagetti™ in a shop near you, or in our online shop here:

You can find Fruitti™ in a shop near you, or in our online shop here:

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Konfetti™ and Tutti™ are 50wt 100% Egyptian cotton threads that have been double gassed and mercerized. Konfetti™ is available in 60 gorgeous solid colours, and Tutti is available in 41 fun variegated colours!

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Konfetti™ and Tutti™ are the perfect threads for quilting, longarming, thread painting, general sewing, cotton lace, sergers, and embroidery. You can find Konfetti™ in a shop near you, or in our online shop here: And you can find Tuitti™ in a shop near you, or in our online shop here:

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Eleganza™ #8 100% Egyptian perle cotton threads are the perfect threads for the hand embroiderer out there! It’s beautiful low lint finish and tight twists result in a wonderfully firm stitch.

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Available in 100 different solid and variegated colours, as well as other colours from designers such as Alison Glass, and Sue Spargo, you’re sure to find the perfect thread for projects like wool applique, hand embroidery, sashiko, decorative stitches on quilts, wall hangings, clothing, and is great for bobbinwork.

If you’re eyeing up Eleganza™ for your next project, you can find it in a store near you, or in our online shop here:

You can find Sue Spargo’s Eleganza™ line in her online shop here:

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So we’ve learned about what the process of double gassing is, and the WonderFil threads that have undergone that process, but what will using these threads do for your projects? A higher quality thread will give you a higher quality result! Your decorative top stitching won’t have a halo of lint around it, leaving a beautifully done stitch behind whether it’s done by hand, or with a machine!

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If you’d like to hear what people who use WonderFil threads think of our double gassed cotton threads, check out this blog on Quilt Social who puts our threads Konfetti™ and Tutti™ to the test!

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Now you know everything you need to know about what double gassing is, what WonderFil threads have undergone double gassing, and what using an ultra-low lint thread can do for your projects and sewing machine health! If you liked this blog, and would like to read more about topics like this you can comment below to ask questions or make other suggestions. If you’re going to be using the threads we mentioned in this blog for your next project, be sure to tag us on social media using the hashtag #wonderfil so that we can share your wonderful creations! You can find the threads mentioned in this blog and more by visiting You can also sign up for our free newsletter to receive more educational sewing tips, tutorials, and free patterns. Register by clicking here! We’ll see you again next time!


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