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Pre-Wound Bobbins

WonderFil pre-wound bobbins are wound with our 80wt DecoBob™ thread in a reusable plastic bobbin, which means there is no glue or wax holding it together (which also makes for a happy machine!) DecoBob™ makes for an ideal bobbin thread as using a finer weight thread will also minimize the bulk in whatever you are doing, however DecoBob™ also has the strength, versatility, and reliability you can count on.

Pre-wounds are a fantastic choice because they come wound uniformly, meaning you will get more consistency in all your stiches, which is especially noticeable when doing embroidery. DecoBob™ pre-wound bobbins are available in 36 different colours, meaning you can find the perfect match to any project! Because DecoBob™ is a cottonized polyester thread, its matte finish will also help it blend into your fabric so that the bobbin thread shows less. They also come wound with a higher density of thread than when you wind your own bobbins on a domestic machine. DecoBob™ Pre-wound Bobbins are available in Class 15, Size L and Size M.

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